Manasalu Round Trek

Manaslu Round Trek is a fascinating trip with great Himalayan view and a bit challenging at the same time. This route is not crowded with individual trekkers at all. Exploring the highland villages of Nepal thrills a trekker to cross over a Larkya La pass which is the tough part of this trek. Manaslu – meaning the “mountain of soul”, is one of the imminent geographical charismas dominating the historical kingdom of Gorkha. Its snow capped conical body sores 8,156m above the sea level to form two cylindrical horns that still appears as a god appeased by daily worship to the local people who otherwise would bring natural catastrophe. Locally Manaslu is known as Pungen Ri whose embodiment is worshiped in a Gompa couple of hundred meter above the village of Sama Goan.

Round Manaslu trek is an amalgamation of rich culture, adventure, scenic beauty and rudimental rural civilization that represents ancient Tibetan lifestyle. This newly opened trek encircling the entire Manaslu massif, offers a chance to comprehensively explore the full range of Nepal’s natural and cultural diversity.As we start trekking from historic centre of Gorkha, central Himalayan Range appears in the backdrop with layering green hills and view of sweeping Valleys. As we head up towards the Mt. Manaslu, the trail reveals unexplored country inhabited by Gurungs. The trail eventually circumvents Mt. Manaslu crossing Larkya Pass (5,100m) and comes down to classical route of Annapurna. Here you can either continue trekking Around Annapurna crossing another arduous pass of Throng La (5,416m) or come back to Kathmandu.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01 : Arrival at Kathmandu airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 02 : Drive west to Gorkha by bus 5 hrs and overnight in camp
Day 03 : Gorkha trek to Khanchok
Day 04 : Khanchok trek to Arughat
Day 05 : Arughat trek to Soti khola
Day 06 : Soti khola trek to Machhakhola
Day 07 : Machhakhola trek to Doban
Day 08 : Doban trek to Jagat
Day 09 :Jagat trek to Deng
Day 10 : Deng trek to Namrung
Day 11 : Namrung trek to Syale
Day 12 : Syale trek to Samagaon
Day 13 : Rest day
Day 14 : Samagaon-Manaslu Base cmap and high lake (Birendra lake) and trek to Samdo
Day 15 : Samdo trek to Dharamshala
Day 16 : Dharmashala t- Larke pass and trek to Bhimathan
Day 17 : Bhimathan trek to Tilje
Day 18 : Tilje trek to Tal
Day 19 : Tal trek to Syange
Day 20 : Syange trek to Bulbule
Day 21 : Bulbule trek to Besi sahar
Day 22 : Bensi sahar drive to Kathmandu 7 hrs
Day 23 : final departure to your onward destination.