Lhakpa-Ri Expedition (7045m)

Lhakpa Ri situated in Tibet is an ideal objective, remarkably positioned just across the glacier from Everest. It shares the historic route up the East Rongbuk Glacier and is climbable by a relatively safe and straightforward route. It is just over the milestone altitude of 7,000m, making it higher than anything outside Asia and is probably the most climbable 7,000m peak in the world.

Lhakpa Ri is a superb objective which should appeal to climbers looking for a 7,000m summit in a famous location. The visit to Lhasa, the overland journey across the Tibetan Plateau, the trek in the footsteps of Mallory and a climb with awesome views of Everest, are the ingredients of a very special expedition. It will also give a life-long impression of Tibet and its people and an insight and deep respect for the achievements of the early Everest pioneers.

Expeditions and Trekking Peaks:
All our expeditions and trekking peaks are supported by satellite phone, walkie-talkie, support oxygen (when required), Portable Altitude Chamber and comprehensive first aid medical kit. We only use top quality expedition tents manufactured in Europe.

High Altitude Warning
Safety is a major consideration during all our expeditions however there are dangers involved in climbing 6000m, 7000m and 8000m peaks that cannot be avoided. The extreme altitude, weather, cold and other mountaineering hazards ensure high altitude climbing has unavoidable risks at the best of times, members of our expeditions need to be aware of these dangers and accept that they are an integral part of high altitude mountaineering.

Experience Required
Remote trekking or mountaineering experience to 5000m is required plus some snow and ice climbing experience and a knowledge and aptitude for abseiling / rappling. We do not classify Lhakpa Ri as a ‘trek’ as the summit ridge is exposed and requires a good crampon technique. The grade is 2B. Our Scottish weekend meets will provide you with comprehensive preparations.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01:    Arrive Kathmandu (1337m), collect from airport and transfer to hotel. (H.B)
Day 02:    Kathmandu equipment preparation and sightseeing. (H. D/B)
Day 03:    Kathmandu fly to Lhasa: 3660m. (H/B)
Day 04:    Sightseeing in Lhasa. (H/B)
Day 05:    Further sightseeing in Lhasa. (H/B)
Day 06:    Drive Lhasa to Gyantse (3950m) 261km (162 miles). (H/B)
Day 07:    Drive Gyantse to Shigatse (3900m) 90km (56 miles). (H/B)
Day 08:    Drive Shigatse to Shegar/New Tingri (4050m) 244km (152 miles). (H/B)
Day 09:    Drive Shegar (4050m) to Rongbuk (5000m) 68km (42 miles). (H. B/L/D)
Day 10:    Everest Rongbuk Base Camp (5000m). (C.B/L/D)
Day 11:    Everest Rongbuk Base Camp (5000m). (C.B/L/D)
Day 12:    Trek from Everest Rongbuk Base Camp to Camp 1 (5460m). (C.B/L/D)
Day 13: Trek to Intermediate Camp (5760m). (C.B/L/D)
Day 14:    Rest day at Intermediate Camp. (C. B/L/D)
Day 15:    Trek to Camp 2 (5970m). (C. B/L/D)
Day 16:    Trek to Advance Base Camp (Camp 3) (6340m). (C. B/L/D)
Day 17 – 21:At Leisure at Advance Base Camp. (C. B/L/D)
Day 22: Climb Lhakpa~Ri (7045m). (C. B/L/D)
Day 23: Spare Day at Advance Base Camp. (C. B/L/D)
Day 24: Return to Everest Rongbuk Base Camp. (C. B/L/D)
Day 25: Drive – Rongbuk to Nyalam (3750m) 215km (134 miles). (H/B)
Day 26: Drive Nyalam to Kathmandu 153km (95 miles). (H/B)
Day 27: Kathmandu. (H/B)
Day 28: Depart Kathmandu.