There are many teams that you can choose to trek with in Nepal. But be aware that most are commercial organisations interested in nothing but your money. There Budget treks will be completed maximising their profit.

This is where we differ, we are a local Nepalese company, owned and run by the Sherpa people.

The Sherpa have a legendary history of trekking and climbing, they are renowned the world over for looking after clients needs and this is where we specialise. We put clients first, we want you to have the best trekking experience with world renowned guide and Multiple Everest Summiteer Karma Sherpa.

The business is family owned and relies heavily on word of mouth recommendation.

The unique feature of our trekking company is that 10% of the profit is utilises to support remote Sherpa villages with Medical centre and relief aid, please look at our gallery for photos of the recent medical facility completed in my home village with the help of Pol Goven and Maruti Trust Leicester UK.

Come trek/ climb with us and enjoy a bespoke trekking experience one that will leave you loving the Sherpa lands and people. We are here to serve and look after your every need, be it diet, disability or special needs we can provide a bespoke trekking experience catering for all your needs.

Support the local Sherpa community, your trekking experience will assist the remote and local sherpa community.